Small and large parts in high detail

Bourgest HD 3D Printing service aims at providing a wide variety of industries with small or large precision hard plastic parts. With our large build volume and high precision we can produce both small and large parts as well as production batches. With the MultiJet Printing technology from market leading 3D Systems the parts will have exceptional precision, sidewall quality and surface smoothness as well as sharp corners and clear details.


CAD Design

We do full CAD design and 3D-printing preparation in house. With long experience in complex mechanical design we can easily convert your ideas into printable CAD files.

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We 3D-print both small and large parts or run small production batches in one go.

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We can provide all parts with the appropriate finish.

Multi Jet Printing (MJP)

The 3D Systems Projet 5000 3D Printer features the largest build size of any high-definition MultiJet printers on the market. A unique combination of size, precision and ease-of-use makes the ProJet 5000 ideal for producing consistent, high-resolution, large or small injection molded-like plastic parts with superior feature quality and detail.

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Stereolithography (SLA)

Large scale 3D printing

Bourgest HD 3D Printing service can provide durable small or large printed parts! We provide excellent quality and finish SLA parts from our large volume machines.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Crystal clear parts

Bourgest HD 3D Printing service utilizes clear resin prints to provide crystal clear parts for the industry. Any color can be added afterwards .

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Passionate engineer with long experience in design and testing.

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